Board Chairman’s Statement

Distinguished Shareholders,

On behalf of Opportunity International Savings and Loans (OISL) Board, I present to you the annual report for 2016.  I use this opportunity to thank the executive management of OISL for their dedicated efforts which resulted  in the strong  financial results  achieved.  I  would like to thank the board members for their dedication and leadership, providing strategic guidance to the management team.

Capital Structure

In the year under review, shareholders stated capital remained at GH¢18.64 million.  The total equity has grown from GHS29.4  Million in the prior year to GHS33  Million in 2016,  as  a result of the  consistent profit retention  at OISL over the  past  years,  with 2016  as  no  exception. The  capital  adequacy ratio  of 14.83%, is comfortably above the regulatory requirement, and provides a strong foundation for the company.


The  Board  is  dedicated  to  ensuring  effective  corporate governance   and sound   risk   management   practices which are of fundamental importance in the industry. The adherence  to  good  corporate  governance  principles  continues  to  be  the  basis  of  the  company, thereby helping the Board to fulfill their supervisory role.

The Board has been vigilant and responsive to the changing regulatory framework and laws, ensuring that the company policies are aligned to the best  practice  in the financial services  sector  in Ghana. The level of compliance with regulatory standards has  been  attested by the good  reports  received from the Central Bank and other regulatory bodies.

Strategic Developments

The shareholders and the Board have undertaken a strategic review of the operations of the company, the outcome of which was a decision in 2016  to seek  new investors,  to allow for the further growth and expansion of the company. This process is ongoing and there is nothing on the horizon that can be reported at the time of writing. In the meantime  it remains  business as usual, with the prospects for the company in 2017 remaining good.

Outlook  for the Year 2017

The  year  2017  is  a  post-election  year,  with  normal  peace  and  stability continuing  in  Ghana.  This creates a positive environment for business, which the company is ready to embrace. As our clients create  the economic activity and growth in Ghana,  the company will be able to support with a wide range of financial services.

For  Opportunity  International  Savings  and  Loans,  the  year  2017  will  be  a  year  of  growth  for  digital banking, enhancement to the cell phone  banking application,  linking the ATM network to the Ghana national switch,  all of which will offer clients new ways  to access their banking  needs. Loans  and deposit products will be core to the services the company will offer, uniquely tailored and providing the solutions that clients need.

I am very optimistic about the future of the Company. The goal of reaching over 1Million customers in Ghana  by 2020 is within sight.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to thank our Shareholders and other Stakeholders for the firm confidence and  support given to the company over the years.  I  would also like to express my sincere  gratitude to the loyal employees at all levels for their contribution to the growth and business performance for 2016.

I  would  also  like  to  thank  our  loyal  clients  who  have  trusted  Opportunity  International  Savings  and Loans with their savings, have come to the company for their banking needs and for their enthusiastic support for the work we do across Ghana. We intend to remain close to all our clients and be a part of their communities and  families, helping them  to build lives of dignity and  purpose, reaching  their goals and aspirations.

Thank you.

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