About Us

Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited, (OISL) is a leading savings and loans company in Ghana. OISL is at the forefront of delivering transformational financial services to help transform the lives of clients. It was licensed by the Bank of Ghana in June 2004. OISL is a subsidiary of Opportunity International – A global institution dedicated to helping clients transform out of poverty. It operates in 23 countries across the globe serving nearly 10 million clients with micro loans, savings, micro insurance and non-financial services. The global office is based in Chicago, USA.

Since the inception of OISL, it has focused its key activities on the marginalized, the poor and those who are excluded from mainstream banking. It operates a business model that is not only transformational, but also profitable, sustainable and very fast growing. It places a premium on understanding the needs of its clients and their capacity.

OISL provides sound financial education and support to lending while promoting a savings culture by offering innovative deposit products. It assists micro, small and medium size businesses, which form the backbone of most developing economies.

As of December 2020, the institution had about 579,448 clients of which 40,797 were loan clients. Loan portfolio was GHS 149.2 million and client deposit balances were GHS 225 million. With a total asset of GHS 313.5 million and shareholders net worth of GHS 46 million, this makes Opportunity International one of the largest savings and loans companies in the country.

Over the last three years, the institution scooped 27 prestigious awards including The Savings and Loans Company of the Year from the Chartered Institute Marketing Ghana (CIMG) and Ghana Business Awards.

The company attributes its achievements to its embedded values coupled with the highly trained, committed and skilled employees. It makes significant investment in the training and professional development of its staff. Also, it provides a friendly and an enabling environment for its staff to thrive and achieve both personal and institutional goals. OISL derives its sustainable competitive advantage through its quality staff.

Our core values


To our clients and their transformation. We are committed to loving and serving those who are poor and marginalized in the developing world, striving to enable lasting improvement in their lives, families and communities. The needs, expectations and wellbeing of families in poverty inspire everything we do.


Living our values with transparency and consistency. We honour the trust placed in us by the families we serve, supporters, investors, program partners, service providers and staff, endeavouring to manage all our resources transparently, reflecting our motivation. We aim to do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.


A spirit of serving in all that we do. We are committed to modelling our behaviour on being of service to one another, and not on any supposed personal superiority or advantage (whether based on our position, influence, personality, wealth or otherwise).


Accountability, innovation and urgency. We are committed to being good stewards of resources, exercising a thoughtful and cost-effective use of time, skills and finances. We promote excellence, professionalism and best practice in every aspect of our work, seeking to maximise every opportunity to fulfil our mission. We believe in innovation, seeing it as another dimension of effective use of our time, talent and treasure. We are motivated by a sense of urgency to address the needs of families living in poverty and to help them transform their lives as quickly as possible.


Consideration shown to all people and commitment to teamwork. We operate on the basis of respect for all people; in particular, we aim to fully value everyone and to affirm personal dignity and uniqueness. This respect also is the foundation for our relationships with communities and others involved in our work – including supporters, investors, program partners and service providers.


Our ultimate goal in ourselves and others. We are committed to providing services, resources and encouragement that equip families and communities for better economic prospects, new futures, new hope and dignity. We acknowledge that transformation is a two-way street and that our staff and supporters also are part of the transformational journey.